Written by Sara Fellini -- Directed by Isaac Byrne

May 2014, Planet Connections Theater Festivity at Paradise Factory

Two burned lovers re-ignite a tense and charged affair that conjures up the spirits of the past. An eccentric Résistance fighter, a searingly hopeful widow, and a spurned and unrequited lover resurrect to smoke their cigarettes once more while a time bomb ticks away between the two former flames. A nondescript café that exists in every era serves as the backdrop to the events onstage, as multiple generations simultaneously re-live the greatest loves and losses of their lives. History turns back over itself, a perne in a gyre, and the lines between our ancestors and ourselves blur as love and fear stand the test of time and circumstance.


Featuring: Sara Fellini, Adam Belvo, Kaitlan Emery, Linnea Larsdotter, Caitlin Murphy, Antonio Thompson