Medea (workshop) photo by Yvonne Allaway

“Theatre 4the People is a company that believes in using courageous artists, working on original theatre, and not charging a penny more than you want to pay...while the money might be scarce, this is a company that knows how to use their resources...intelligent and focused artists whose work is as good as any off-broadway house, and is really a gift to the community, done for love of the art”
— New York Theatre Review

Our Mission

  • We create economically accessible theatrical performances that are available to everyone.
  • Honest, original theatre that strives to investigate and wrestle with human conflicts in an authentic manner.
  • A group of courageous artists, willing to take to necessary risks to tell stories fully and experiment the unique storytelling power of the theatre.


Theatre 4the People is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. 

“a production company dedicated to making original works of theatre with a unique voice accessible to anyone...all-encompassing theatre: old-fashioned stakes paired with contemporary storytelling savvy”
— Garden State Journal